Welcome to your pets home away from home – The Homestead Difference!

Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels and Cattery is a family owned and operated business, located in beautiful Wonga Park only 25 minutes from the Melbourne CBD.

We have been providing high quality pet care to our customers since 1977 and have won many awards for our Customer Service & Outcome Standards for our Dog Boarding & Cattery, and our Dog Training Services. We are a best practice pet boarding facility and recognised as one of Australia’s premier dog training facilities.

Since first establishing Homestead Kennels, our mission has been to work towards developing a business that caters for the welfare of the pet, in an environment in which the pet will be happy, content & thrive. We are proud Professional Members of not only the International Association of Canine Professionals – IACP, a global body recognising excellence in all facets of canine training and services, and also the Australian Association of professional dog trainers

The Homestead Difference

What makes Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels “Different” to our competitors is simple! 

We believe that every dog is an individual and therefore should be treated as such. Our playtimes are all conducted on a “one on one” basis to ensure that every interaction your dog has is a positive one. 

Some Kennels idea of playtime is allowing 30-50 dogs to run free with limited supervision, while this sounds “warm & fuzzy” to the humans – how does your dog feel about this? 

As a recognized Best Practice Dog Training Facility, we see every day the negative impacts that a “dog park” mentality of playtime has on our four-legged friends. Whilst it is virtually impossible to guarantee the temperament of multiple dogs and hope that they all get along fairly and safely, it is our ethos to ensure that YOUR dog has a great time with us, without feeling though it is under undue pressure or stress from other dogs. 

We cater for all dogs, regardless of their sociability with other dogs as we provide a personalized and unique experience for each dog in our care! 

That’s the Homestead Difference! 

Why Homestead is your pets home away from home…

Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels and Cattery can offer you, our customer and your beloved pet, the highest level of pet care and best practice each and every time. Short and long term dog & cat boarding, dog training and behavioural advice for your pet are all conducted in the tranquil surrounds of our purpose built property.

Dog Boarding

At Homestead Kennels, our guest pets are our extended family and we love each and every one of them. Thats why we’re there home away from home


Our cattery houses all the extra comforts even the fussiest of felines would be content with, heating, cooling, optional secure outdoor access, scratching poles, toys and more!

Dog Training

Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery has an extensive history of dog training since 1977. We specialise in problem solving & behavioural modification

Play time

This allows your pet to spend time with a personal handler who will take your dog for a walk, play games with your pet, and give your pet lots of cuddles and attention.

Pet Taxi

This popular service is to transport your pets to and from Homestead Kennels. We are available 6:00-7:00am Monday to Friday. Prices vary depending on your location.

24hr Onsite Care

The owners of the business reside on the property to ensure your pets are cared for around the clock