Enrolling for Homestead Board & Train.

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Please read and agree to the following before continuing with online enrolment.

Typically, our Board & Train Intensive Programs run over a standard 21 days minimum regardless of age, however we have programs and lengths to suit all needs of all dogs and their owners. Once the needs of your dog has been established, we can make a formal recommendation as the ideal timeframe needed to achieve positive change (we do have programs from 15-17 days for 16-24 week puppies for certain breeds).

During our training programs we train your dog multiple times per day, in the following disciplines;

  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Stay (which also includes a place command – on your bed, mat, etc.)
  • Come when called ( recall – foundation learning only)
  • Walking on a loose lead (no pulling, lunging, etc.)
  • No jumping up on people
  • Being sociable

(Obedience is having the dogs complete these tasks 1st time asked and regardless of what’s going on around them)

Most importantly, our trainers teach your dog under distraction to ensure reliability.

Having the dog obedient whilst other stimulus is going on is the cornerstone of training. We live in the real world with cars, kids, phones, and other dogs so it is imperative that we expose our dogs to as many “real world” situations as possible during the training process. This will include our trainers taking your dog away from Homestead to high stimulus areas such as the local shopping centre, Lillydale lake, the vet clinic, or even the local train station.

When we complete your dogs’ training program, the most important facet of our service comes into play – we conduct a Handover Session with you and all those who handle your dog and then train you in how to maintain your dogs’ new learnings going forward. We get you handling your dog and after a few minutes of you working with your dog, the handling transfers to you. These handover sessions will normally take around two hours on the day your dog goes home and we do ask if all those who handle the dog be present (where possible) so that we can educate all and create consistency for you and your dog. Please note that the dogs and their results in all our “before and after” videos are consistent with what we expect from the dogs in our program.

Dogs that have specific behavioural issues (regardless of age) such as;

  • Human aggression / food aggression / resource guarding
  • If your dog has bitten a person or another dog
  • Dog reactivity or aggression
  • Leash reactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Siblings/housemates/littermates
  • Separation anxiety-related issues
  • Or any dog that is on behavioural medications

These behaviours will always require a minimum of 28 – 30 days to work through the issues at hand.

Our team is always available to communicate with you at the end of each training week to advise you how your dog is going with the above behavioural issues. More time may be required to work on these particular issues. Extra time will be discussed if our training team feels your dog would benefit and is 100% at your discretion whether you agree to do so.

As a rule, until we start working with your dog and assessing its learning ability and ability to apply the new behaviours, we are blind to the severity of any problem behaviours or issues. We will always communicate with you once we have been able to make a formal assessment as a team of trainers and give you the best advice necessary for you to make a well-informed decision.

With regards to the above-listed behaviours, our training team will set the foundations and behavioural changes in place – it is incumbent upon you to continue to work with your dog going forward for future successes, otherwise things will remain the same.

The investment of our Boarding & Training intensive program is $135.00 per day

This includes both boarding at our facility and the daily training charges. We are currently offer substantial discounts for multiple dogs being trained from the same family.

We also have a payment plan option available through Zip Money, for those who like to spread their payments out over time rather than paying a lump sum at the end of your dogs’ program with us. Please let me know if you wish to take advantage of the payment plan option prior to your enrolment.

There are days throughout the training program that we allocate for your dog/s as rest time and to give them a chance to “think” about the training.

The other major benefit of giving them some rest time is that they are highly active throughout the training program and their bodies and minds do need a break (just like ours after a long week at work).

On these rest days, your dog may simply benefit from a nice lead walk, a short treadmill session, or just some cuddles and affection For rest days, you will only be charged for Boarding only. On the day of departure, we will adjust your invoice accordingly to compensate for these “rest” days.

What additional value do you get for your money?

  • We will supply you with all the gear we trained your dog with (chains, collars, leads, long lines & treat pouch).
  • We request that 10-14 days after taking your dog home you come back for a follow-up visit with your trainer to go through any issues you may be having.
  • We provide you with ongoing support throughout your dogs’ life. We are only a phone call away !
  • We will provide you a detailed training plan (E-Book) to assist in your dog’s ongoing training.
  • Access to discounted refresher training programs for the life of your dog
  • Access to discounted Private in home consultations and Private one on ones conducted either here at Homestead or in your home

Unless your dog is on a specific veterinary-approved diet, we supply all food but we are always happy to discuss your pets’ nutritional needs with you on a case by case basis to ensure the health and wellbeing of your dog. We also supply all bedding and enrichment tools for your dogs’ stay with us. If there is specific dietary requirements needed, please provide pre-portioned food for your dogs stay plus approx. 20% additional and we can feed your dog its food from home.