Cattery Suite

Our cattery ( unlike most ) is not housed in a “factory” environment or a “Vet Pen”  where our feline friends never see the light of day or get to climb and explore like cats should. Our Cat pens are 6’2” tall and 5’ wide and deep to ensure your cats have plenty of room to stretch their legs. With TV, piped music, and temperature controlled for all year comfort, your cat will thrive in its private accommodation.

Our new cattery will be completed by September 2018 and will epitomize total cat care at an affordable price. 24/7monitoring and care, personal 24/7 access to private outside areas, climate control, cozy and warm with loads of soft bedding and scratching poles, your fussy feline just might not want to come home !

Cattery Cattery

“I can’t thank Scott and Tanya and diamond and the rest of the staff enough for the service they gave to my family and my dog. Would recommend homestead at a drop of of a hat. The service was perfect from start to finish and the the condition of my dog was exceptional when I picked him up. Big thank you to homestead for all the work they put into my dog”

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