Choosing a Kennel for your Cat or Dog



What to Look for in a Boarding Kennel for your Dog or Cat


A lot of Australians love their pet dogs and cats and we also tend to treat them like a member of the family. There have been estimates that a whopping 63% of Australians households have a family pet, which equates to about 33 million pets in Australia. When we decide to go away on holiday or have to go away on business, it is not always possible to bring your pets along with you. So, you will need to find yourself an excellent quality boarding kennel to take care of them.

Searching for a Kennel


The best way to find a good quality kennel for your dog or cat is by word of mouth. If you have any friends or family that live close to you that have pets, ask them what they do when they go away and need someone to take care of their pets. As well as that, you can also do a search on the internet to find all of the local kennels that are close to you. Once you find them, then there is also a wealth of information at your fingertips to help you find a top quality kennel. Most websites will have a testimonials page that you can look at, check ours out at there will also most likely be many different forums where people post comments on their experiences with dealing with particular places. As you work through all of this information, you will need to draw yourself a list of potential kennels that your pet can stay at when you are away.


Comparing Dog and Cat Kennels


When you have finished researching all of the different options available to you, you can then contact each establishment directly. Although email is a good way to get written information about a kennel, their practices, and also the facilities they offer, it is also good to speak with them in person. If you think a certain facility may be suitable, then you will want to arrange a visit so that you can check out their facilities personally. Sometimes an unscheduled visit is also good as it may show you a different side of the facility, and most good quality kennels will be happy to show you around. There are also questions that you will need to ask each kennel to determine the level of care they will offer your beloved family pet.


• How big will their run be?
• Can they socialise with other pets?
• Will they be exercised?
• Will anyone play with them?
• What food do you supply for the pets?
• Do you adhere to State Legislation and Guidelines?
• Does your kennel have any accreditation by industry bodies?
• What assurances do you have your pet will be well looked after?
As well as asking questions you will also want to take a good look around at the facilities, and make sure that everything is in a well kept fashion. There are many places that set up webcams, so you can check how your pet is doing on their holiday while you enjoy yours! Make sure the animals look happy and that the place also does not smell dirty, as well as see how the workers interact with the animals. With this information, it should give you a good founding on which to make your decision.

Making your Choice of Boarding Kennels


When we send our pets to kennels, we should try and think of it as a holiday for them where they are going to be pampered and well looked after. The price is always an important factor, but the most important factor to consider is the happiness of your pet. The cheapest alternative is usually the cheapest for a reason, so while you should consider the cost it should not be the most important factor to consider. Overall, make sure you choose a kennel that is going to love your pet almost as much as you do yourself, being part of the family, they are worth it!

You can find out more info on services on our Cat care and Dog care pages.

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