Private Luxury Villa

Our Private luxury Villa oozes luxury and is a great choice for the owner who would like their dog to have nothing but the best. With total privacy, our guests enjoy and climate controlled environment, TV, Piped Music, luxry furnishings and their own private sun deck. Our Private Luxury Villa guests have a personal care attendant ensuring that every need is met all day, with lots of walks and playtime, loads of cuddles our Private Villa is for the discerning dog owner.

Luxury Private Villa Luxury Private Villa

“I can’t thank Scott and Tanya and diamond and the rest of the staff enough for the service they gave to my family and my dog. Would recommend homestead at a drop of of a hat. The service was perfect from start to finish and the the condition of my dog was exceptional when I picked him up. Big thank you to homestead for all the work they put into my dog”

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