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At Homestead Pet Retreat we we have a suite of Dog Training solutions for each dog and owner to make your relationship the best it can be

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We offer exclusive & specialised Dog Training Services to give you, our customer a wide choice of solutions;

Over the years, we have been able to develop a range of Dog Training services that give both owners and dogs great outcomes and therefore cement the relationship between dog and owner (and family).

We understand how and what dogs think and most importantly how they learn, so with this knowledge comes the application of putting it into use.

We offer the following Dog Training Services to give you, our customer a wide choice of solutions;

Our Dog Training Services

Exclusive Board & Train Program

Our Exclusive Boarding & Training program is available for the dog whose owner does not have the time, or inclination to train their dog. We cater for dogs that need to learn basic to advanced obedience, dogs that have specific behavioural problems and difficult dogs. Each program runs for a minimum of 21 days , however some breeds or dogs with problems may take longer. Puppies 6 months and under qualify for shorter programs.
Your dog will board at Homestead Pet Retreat, and our qualified trainers will train your dog multiple times daily. At the completion of your dogs program we will conduct a hand-over session with you & your family, so you can learn how maintain the behaviours your dog has learnt during their stay with us. Additional follow up sessions with our trainer can be arranged if necessary.

Refresher training programs can be arranged which will also help maintain your dog’s manners while you have a holiday or your dog is boarding with us.
Please note that we limit our “Dogs in Training” to a manageable number each month to ensure the quality outcomes we provide to our customers, therefore spaces are limited, Please feel free to contact us to discuss a start time for your dogs education and how we can assist in creating a more balanced relationship between you and your beloved pooch!

Private Behavioural Consultations / In home training

A Behavioural Consultation is the first step in helping your dog with mild to severe behavioural issues, or even to simply assist with further obedience training. These sessions are designed to problem solve issues that can be addressed by teaching you, the owner, how to manage these behaviours moving forward.

Initially, a 2-hour Behavioural Assessment will be conducted with you (in home or onsite), followed up with the implementation of a training plan. Each ensuing Behavioural Consultation will be 60min and your trainer will provide formal recommendations and guidance so you’re able to find the best path for you and your pooch moving forward.


You can drop your pooch into us at 8.30am and collect at 4.30pm and throughout
the day our team of professional trainers can complete multiple Training and stimulation
sessions with your pooch, improve manners, controlled socialisation around lots
of other dogs and learn improved manners along the way; things like

• Better leash walking

• Better focus on the person at the end of the leash

• Door manners

• Learning how to relax

• Building motivation

 These are all very
important facets to making your dog’s life the very best possible !


Our Canine Coaching Program is great for the dog that needs more one on one time whilst boarding with us. We offer Canine Coaching Monday to Friday and on each day you select Canine Coaching one of our qualified trainers will spend multiple sessions per day selected to give your pooch the extra stimulation / training time it needs. This program is only availabe for dogs that are here boarding at Homestead


Please contact us for further pricing, options & appointment times

At Homestead, we have more than 40 years’ dog care experience

It is important for dog owners to know they are leaving their beloved pet with a qualified, experienced and industry recognised training team.

We have a Vet on staff to ensure your dogs health and well-being

We are a Government Certified Best Practice Boarding & Training Establishment

We are members of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers


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