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Pet Boarding

At some point in time, as hard as it may seem, an owner and a pet may have to part ways for a short while whether its due to a business trip, family vacation or another unavoidable circumstance. Homestead Kennels are more than willing to enjoy your pet’s company for these situations, whether you have a cat, dog or creature, big and small. Once you have selected Homestead as your pet’s holiday destination, we have a few tips for you to prepare your loved one for their stay.

We understand that leaving your precious pet with complete strangers may seem daunting, so we welcome you to come and check out our first class, award winning facilities to put your mind at ease. More often than not owners are more apprehensive than their pets when it comes to boarding. A meet and greet with our caring staff to see how things work usually calms any nerves. Another option is to have your pet spend a day at Homestead before your trip, which allows them to grow accustomed to the new surroundings and shows the owner that they are fine and in fact enjoy staying with us.


On the day of drop-off, plan ahead. While you may be busy packing and planning for wherever your trip is, don’t forget your pet’s essentials such as:

§  A few of their favorite toys

§  A blanket they may be accustomed to sleeping on

§  Any medication they may need during their stay and information on this e.g. dosage and times

§  Other relevant items or information for staff

    *****  Current Vaccination Records *****


While we are trusted professionals, there may come a time during their stay when you simply miss your furry friend too much and need to hear how they are doing. In this case, feel free to call, we are always on hand to answer any questions and grant some peace of mind.

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