About our prices

All prices are calculated on a PER PET, PER DAY basis (regardless of what time your pet arrives or departs).

Pets are boarded in shared accommodation unless solo boarding is requested ( Extra Charges May apply)

See below for details of our boarding packages and suites.

Dog Care Packages

Prices are PER DOG PER DAY

Cat Care Packages

Prices are PET CAT PER DAY

Solo Accommodation 

Solo Accommodation
Peak Periods for Homestead are Easter, Christmas – New Year Period (December 20 -January 31st) , all Victorian school Holidays & Long Weekends. During these periods Solo boarding will incur a higher fee.

For safety reasons, there are certain dog breeds we prefer to keep on their own due to their size and strength, regardless of peak periods.

The list includes but is not limited to:

Bulldogs Greyhounds Rottweilers
Bernese Mountain Dogs Heelers Ridgebacks
Boxers Huskies Shiba Inus
Chow Chows Malamutes Shepherds
Dobermans Mastiffs Staffies
Great Danes Maremmas Staghounds
Wolfhounds Akita

Bull Terrier 

Cattel Dogs Dogue De Borddeaux Newfoundland
ST Bernanrd Black Russian Terrier  

Any dogs that are crossed with one of these breeds will also require solo accommodation. Two dogs of any of these breeds from the same family may be able to stay together, (Subject to homesteads Management Approval)

Solo accommodation is also available for those dogs and owners who would prefer this option, regardless of their dog’s breed.

Minimum Stay & Booking Fees
A minimum ten-day charge applies to all bookings over the Christmas / New Year holiday period and a minimum five-day charge applies for the Easter period. These charges are non-refundable if you decide to pick up your pet earlier than originally booked.

Please Note:

*A $10 surcharge per pet per day applies on all gazette public holidays.

Medication Administration Pricing

If your pet requires veterinary medications, we are more than happy to administer these during their stay.

All medication MUST BE IN ORIGINAL VET PACKAGING WITH VETERINARY LABEL INCLUDING Pets Name, Medication name, strength, dose, frequency and any other relevant information.


Fees apply to medicate our guests and prices will vary depending on the medication requirements (Inc. time of day administration).

  • Medications (tablets, liquids etc.) are charged at $3.30 per administration
  • Injections are charged at $10.00 per administration

Our Medication Authority Form must be filled in and provided with your pet’s medication. Send to admin@homesteadkennels.com.au


Own Food

All meals are included in the price of all packages and accommodation. We provide Royal Canin for both dogs & cats.

If your pet is a fussy eater, has a sensitive stomach or is on a vet prescribed diet, we recommend you pre-package and provide their own food for their stay. Please provide extra food in case their stay is extended.

Additional fees will apply if meals are not pre-portioned – $2.50 per meal.

Our Own Food Form must be filled in and provided with your pet’s food. Send to admin@homesteadkennels.com.au