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Phone: 03 9722 1202 or 03 9722 1188


Address: 12 Homestead Rd, Wonga Park VIC 3155


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Rod and Margaret Maruff purchased Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery in 1977 to further their interest in dogs. Our first pure bred dogs were Boxers these doge were the start of Yarrawon Kennels prefix. Over the years we have owned and trained many breeds including Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Weimaraners, Saint Bernards, Boston Terriers, and now Russian Black Terriers.


Rod was hooked on training and went on to title a great number of dogs. Training included dogs for Television, Advertising, Retrieving Gun Dogs, Herding Tracking and Security Dogs, and dogs for Obedience Trials. For many years Rod was the chief training instructor for the Rottweiler Club of Victoria, Vice President of Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers for about 10 years and Vice President of Boarding Kennels Association of Victoria for about 20 years.


Yarrawon Russian Black Terriers


Yarrawon’s first Russian Black Terriers, Boris and Lexie, were obtained in 2001 and formed the foundation of Yarrawon Russian Black Terrier Kennels. Following visits to see the Russian Black Terriers in Europe, we imported and carefully bred our dogs according to the Russian Standard. Our dogs are bred for Conformation and Temperament.


We do not volume breed, and all our puppies are temperament tested and carefully selected to suit their new owners.


We assist with Training, Grooming and maintaining your Yarrawon Russian Black Terrier.


You are welcome to arrange an appointment to meet our lovely friendly dogs. Please contact Rod to make an appointment on 0418 315 162

Please note that Yarrawon Kennels is not a subsidiary of Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery