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Cat Care

The safety of your cat is very important to us, and this can be seen in the design of the cattery at Homestead. The facility is bright and cheerful with fresh air to ensure a comfortable environment for your cat to stay in.

Large Cat Pens, Scratching Poles and Relaxing Music


The cat enclosures are at least six feet high and are larger than required under the Code of Practice of the Victorian State Government


Complete with scratching poles, plus multiple levels for the cats to climb, or they can just sit and listen to the sound of relaxing of piped music; it’s an an ideal setting for a feline holiday.

Secure Outside Play Yards


Cats enjoy time in the outside play yards which are very large, fully meshed in and have extra security gates for safety.


With places to relax, branches to climb and toys to play with, cats have the opportunity to romp around or just laze about and watch the world go by.

Heat Pads


Heat pads are provided throughout the colder months for extra comfort.

Cat Food & Feeding


Twice daily we feed the cats on high quality foods such as Whiskas tinned products and premium Whiskas or Black Hawk dry foods. Fresh meat is also available.


If they are feeling thirsty, There is always large stainless steel bowls full with fresh, clean water for them to lap up.

Veterinary Care & Emergency Services


We have contact with several vets in the local area who can offer speedy service in the case of an emergency, should the need arise.



Please check your cats annual F3 or F4 vaccinations are up to date.


If you’re not sure, please ask your local Vet who will be able to give you more information and prescribe the best vaccination for your cat.


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