Dog Care

Dog Care

We cater for dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. The welfare of your dog is paramount, and this is reflected in the design of the kennels here at Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery. The facility is safe and secure with sufficient exchange of air to provide a fresh atmosphere for the dogs to live in.

Large Indoor Pens, Trampoline Beds and Relaxing Music


The dog pens are all large enough to house two dogs according to the Victorian State Government Code of Practice. The kennels are indoors and insulated, with secure gates


Complete with trampoline beds, place space to comfortably move around, sit, or just relax to the sound of piped music, they make an ideal setting for a canine holiday.

Secure Outdoor Play Yards


Dogs can enjoy time in the very large outdoor play yards, fully fenced in and for safety there are extra security gates.


With space to run around and many toys to play with, dogs can romp around to their heart’s content or simply relax and watch the world go by.



All our kennels are insulated to keep the dogs warm during winter and cool during summer.

Dog Food & Feeding


  1. Cooked chicken vegetables & rice, fresh chicken pieces and Premium Dry Food in the morning
  2. Biscuits or liver treat nacks after PLAYTIME
  3. Cooked chicken vegetables & rice, fresh chicken pieces and Premium Dry Food in the evening


There is always plenty of fresh water provided in stainless steel bowls.



Dogs will receive a warm Hydrobath before they go home. Dogs booked on the Gold level of boarding will also receive a nail trim. Extra Grooming services are available also.

Emergency Services – Veterinary Care


Should the need arise; we have access to several veterinarians in the area who offer prompt service in the case of an emergency.



Please ensure your cat is up to date with it’s annual C5 vaccination, which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo Virus and Canine Cough. Your vet will be able to give more information on the vaccination.

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For more information on pet boarding in Melbourne – please call us on 03 9722 1202, complete our online enquiry form or make an online booking.