During your pet’s stay at Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels and Cattery, they will have daily playtime to our secure outdoor play yards for some fresh air and to take in the picturesque views of Wonga Park.

Our large, secure outdoor exercise yards have plenty of grass for your pup to run on, trees to relax under and loads of toys to play with!

We believe a well exercised and mentally stimulated dog is a happy and healthy dog. We pride ourselves on the design of our facility to ensure all dogs receive the adequate amount of exercise necessary for them to thrive.

We do not group play dogs for playtime (unless they are from the same family) for the overall safety and enjoyable experience for your pooch.


Busy for just the day? Moving house? Need some handy work done at home without your pooch trying to assist?

Homestead are here to help! Leave your dog or cat with us for the day so they can enjoy themselves in a serene location while you get to what you need to.

While they’re here, we can also give your pup a bath and clip their nails, so they come home feeling fancy & fresh!

More info about Playtime

Playtime is personalised fun & exercise for your dog with one of our experienced handlers. This service is complimentary for all dogs staying at homestead

Playtime is catered to your dog’s needs; a qualified staff member can take your dog for a chill walk on lead, actively engage in high energy play, give them loads of cuddles & attention or a combination of all three!

Your cat will also get so much love and attention from our experienced staff, as well as being actively interacted with, brushed and doted on every day.