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Playtime and Exercise for Wonga Park Pets

We pride ourselves on offering everything a healthy pet needs at Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery.

Exercise for Cats and Dogs

All animals need a degree of exercise. At Homestead Kennels, we look after cats and dogs of all sizes in all different stages of life, so we tailor our exercise programs to meet their individual needs. Our location in Wonga Park is perfect for walking dogs, but our main priority is maintaining every animal’s safety. During your pet’s stay, they will have access to our secure outdoor exercise yards where they play fetch and run around to their heart’s desire. The canine exercise yards are large and grassy, which are perfect for running around on – there are also many trees to relax under and lots of toys to play with.

The general rule for exercising cats is to provide an enriching environment that will keep them stimulated. Our cat play yards are large and have plenty of areas for your feline friend to relax alone or with other cats. We have branches for them to climb and plenty of toys to play with.

Animal Playtime

In our Gold Boarding package, we offer extra exercise and personal attention for dogs and cats who require it. Playtime is a major hit with our customers and their pets, helping them to settle and reduce any stress that dogs and cats experience in a first-time boarding situation. When you opt for playtime, your pet feels more comfortable and excited about coming to the kennels next time.


What Playtime Includes

One of our highly qualified staff members will take your dog for a leashed walk and then actively play with them in the exercise yard while giving them lots of cuddles. You can also choose to have your dog walked on a walking machine!

Cats receive attention and cuddles from our staff members as they get to know their requirements. We will actively play with your pet in a way that suits them.

Send Your Pet on a Holiday in Melbourne

Homestead Kennels is fully equipped to give your dog or cat everything they need while you’re away. For more information on our exercise practices, get in touch with our team.

Additionally, make a booking online if you’re in need of kennelling or cattery services in the foreseeable future.