Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding, Melbourne area

At Homestead Kennels, our guest pets are our extended family and we love each and every one of them. And it is wonderful to see them return to us, each year, for a holiday or a weekend visit.

Homestead kennels are:


We provide pet boarding for a variety of different periods – Day Care, weekends, week stays, month stays and longer periods.

Dog Boarding in Melbourne


  • Our indoor dog kennels are light and airy, completely protected from the sun, wind and rain and insulated for temperature and noise.
  • All of our staff are fully qualified to care for all sizes, breeds, ages and temperament of dogs.
  • In our kennels, dogs of similar sizes are boarded together so they will have a special friend to play with and won’t feel lonely. And dogs from the same family are boarded together as well.

Our Cattery


  • Heat pads for sleeping and individual scratch poles
  • Safe and secure outside activity area with climbing branches and warm spots for afternoon snoozes
  • Spacious, multi-level accommodation

Day Care


  • Special discount prices for doggie and cat day care
  • Hydrobath and grooming services available on request

Dog Boarding in Melbourne


  • If your dog needs to be trained – we can do that for you
  • Just book the required length of pet boarding at our kennels, and our qualified staff will provide expert training for your pet



  • If your pet is on veterinary medications – we are more than happy to give these to your pet during their stay with us. Please provide all medications, clearly marked with your pet’s name, medication dose and frequency. We charge a small fee to medicate our guests.



  • For the comfort and safety of our pet guests please ensure that your pets are fully vaccinated before boarding with us. Dogs need a C5 and cats a F3 or F4. Please bring your up-to-date vaccination certificate when booking your pet in with us.

For more information on pet boarding in Melbourne – please call us on 03 9722 1202, complete our online enquiry form or make an online booking.