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We Have Vets on Call

If your pet requires veterinary attention whilst in our care, we will always try to contact you or a nominated emergency contact person before we proceed with any action. If your pet requires immediate attention, we will transport them to a local veterinary clinic.

This is not an onsite service. We try to utilise these on-call vets in emergencies only; however, we will always do our best to look after your pet in whichever way they require.

Mobile Veterinary Assistance

Dr. Rob Kenney is our mobile vet who remains on call to come and treat your pet at Homestead Boarding & Training Kennels & Cattery. If at any point he requires your pet’s medical history, we will make contact with your regular vet – this is another reason why it is important to give us thorough information when you leave your pet in our care.

Guaranteeing the Safety of Our Animals

Due to this service being mainly for emergencies, we ask that you ensure your pet is fully vaccinated before coming to our pet hotel. Keep us informed about your cat or dog’s most recent health check and tell us anything we should keep an eye out for.

For the benefit of our animals, it is in everyone’s best interest to fully disclose any medical conditions or predispositions that your pet may have. We do our best work when we can perfectly tailor our services to suit your animal’s individual needs.

Choose a Kennel That You Can Trust

Our highly trained staff remain proud of the level of service that we offer to pet owners in the Melbourne region. Your cat or dog’s safety is the most important thing to us which is why we work with you to completely understand their needs. For more information about on-call vet services, get in touch with us.

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